On Life’s Ups & Downs, Trials & Travails, and The Curse of the Not Done Yet

I would think that after 45 years on this planet I’d have some things figured out. But no, that’s not how it works.

I have at least four big issues in my life right now:

  1. I need to work well at my day-job because I’m the sole provider of my family. That takes time, dedication, and quite a bit of mental exercise. Web development would be easy if it wasn’t for computers and people. By the end of the workday my brain feels pretty mushy.
  2. Mid-January our landlord told us they’re going to be selling the house we’re in this spring. So now we’re house-hunting a year earlier than we planned, and we’ve yet to land the right one.
  3. Early January I signed on to a publishing company / mastermind / support group / thing. I have no idea how to properly describe it. There’s about 30 of us from around the world, helping each other navigate the world of music licensing & music production. I haven’t made a single thing for it yet, and have barely participated, mainly because of #1 and #2. Frankly, I feel a bit embarrassed.
  4. In the last year or so I’ve learned the benefit of rest. I was a workaholic for a long time. My identity came from the work that I did, and I handled stressful emotions by jumping into another project to distract myself from facing my internal demons. That’s been changing lately.

I constantly fight the battle between work and rest. I have found a precarious balance, but some important things (#3) have taken a hit.

It’s the urgent/important quadrant. I should be focusing my time on the important things, whether urgent or not. The not-urgent, not-important things are time killers. Identifying those can be tricky, though.

I have to remind myself of something I told my wife: at the end of your life, you’ll still have things in your inbox. I will still have a list of things I’ll want to do that I won’t have time for. The hard part is identifying which things are important.

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