Cemetery in Shambles (2020-09-28)
You don’t want to visit this cemetery at night. Oh, wait, too late.
Angry Mob (2020-09-29)
Creepy vibes all around
House Killer (2018-10-08)
Something wicked this way has already come into the house
Ticking Timebomb (2017-11-16)
No pressure, really. C4 is perfectly harmless.
Don’t Go In There (2016-09-16)
I wouldn’t do that if I wer– no, I mean it, do not– *sigh*
We Are Good at Our Jobs (2016-08-29)
If not good, at least mildly competent
Fairy Teatime (2015-05-13)
Light and airy, with one lump or two. You silly ass!
Greater Good (2020-07-19)
Sacrifices must be made sometimes. No satisfactory ending for you!
Long Night’s Work (2020-06-23)
We need these lab results by morning. I’ll take those tickets to tonight’s hockey game you won’t be attending.
Massive Collateral Damage (2020-05-09)
Some synths have a beautiful, warm sound. Not this one.
More Questions (2020-01-15)
Just one more question from Mr. Columbo before you leave